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Halloween Boo Baskets

Updated: Jan 7

Halloween is going to look a little different this year for most people. Whether you’re still planning on trick-or-treating or you’re going to celebrate at home, boo baskets are a great tradition to start!

We have a 5 month old and an 18 month old so I geared their baskets more towards their age. I’ll start with my daughters baskets on the left!

At the front left of the basket I put a pair of matching pajamas and a matching Halloween shirt. I tried to include things in my daughters basket that she needs coming up as she starts eating solids. I got her a snack cup holder, some teether snacks, a high chair cushion cover and a restaurant bag, that includes a washable eating mat and scissors to cut up food! The rest of her basket is pretty simple, a couple of books, a new paci and a Halloween bow!

Most of my sons basket I got from the Halloween section at Target. I got him some Halloween themed candy, a spooky little haunted house he can paint, a couple of books, a new cup, some light up glasses and glow sticks, a gingerbread haunted house, and the same pajamas and shirt we git his sister.

These baskets were pretty easy to throw together, our daughters was a little bit more expensive as we couldn’t just get fillers from Target but all of her items will be used so that was okay for us. Holidays are so magical when you’re a kid and these baskets will make great traditions to add to that!

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