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Invitation to Play - Winter Scene

If your toddler is anything like mine, crafts have never been their thing, getting them to sit still for longer than a few minutes is almost impossible but this kept my son playing for hours!

The snow was super easy to make with these two common household products, conditioner and baking soda, I did end up picking up a cheap bottle of conditioner for this so I didn’t have to use mine. All you need is half a cup of the conditioner and 3 cups of baking soda and you have yourself some snow! It sticks very well together and can easily make snowmen. We made a road with our Way to Play track, put some Grimms City Houses down and Ry’s favorite trucks and we had the perfect invitation to play.

Clean up was extra easy since we did it on our Gathre mat but the little bit that got on the floor was also not a problem to clean. Rather you are having a real snow day and need some indoor fun or this is the only snow your kids will see this year, this is such a fun and easy activity.

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