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Step 2 Grand Play Kitchen Makeover

This kitchen makeover was such a labor of love. I spent about a week total on it, my time was split up a lot between kids and other things, of course. I read the reviews before purchasing and everyone said to start out by sorting all the pieces, there are over 100 of them, so that is what I did. I set the pieces in bins sorted by numbers 1-10, 11-20, etc etc. Then I decided what pieces I wanted to paint color one, color two and what pieces were being left the color they came in. I didn't paint any of my white pieces, I was covering up a lot of them with contact paper so I just didn't see a point.

Since I started this project in the winter I couldn't let the paint try outside because it was below 50 degrees, so I would have to spray the pieces than bring them back in, this defintely took the most time. If I didn't have to bring each piece in, I don't think this would have been as time consuming. I let the paint dry for 24 hours, I recommend longer though, it scratched pretty easily because it didn't have enough time to cure, it is easy to touch up though later on.

The directions are pretty good telling you what to do first and not being too complicated to understand. If you are wanting to put contact paper down for marble countertops it is easier to do before you add the top cabinets. I also added backsplash, which is pretty easy to do anyway you decide to do it. If you have any small places you need to touch up after assembling, you can spray some paint on a paper plate and use a q-tip.

I think the most important part of putting this kitchen together is defintely organizing all the pieces at the beginning. Overall I am SO happy with how it turned out and love the size. I will not have to worry about their not being enough room for all of our kids and their cousins and friends to play with it together. I think this kitchen will last for yours and always be a great addition to the playroom.

Everything I used for the makeover is linked here!

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