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Top 10 Items for Two under Two!

Updated: Jan 7

When we brought our daughter home, our son was only 12 months old, and we knew we had a lot of learning to do. Getting a routine down was definitely our number one priority, after that it was learning how to work better as a team and finding items that we felt made things easier. Some of these things are a little more expensive, but almost all of them have a cheaper alternative, I have also seen a lot of these on Facebook Marketplace!

10. Elvie/Willow Pump

This is a splurge, BUT I love it. I exclusively pumped for four months with my son and being connected to wires every couple of hours was not ideal with one baby I definitely couldn't imagine doing it with two littles. If you have a HSA or FSA account it may help cover the costs!

9. Double Stroller

We decided on a Mockingbird double stroller, there are tons of options out there though! We chose the Mockingbird because I preferred seats back to back versus side by side so I could navigate store aisles better. I also loved the style of the Mockingbird, it reminded me of the UPPAbaby stroller but at a much lower price tag.

8. Large Diaper Bag

Fawn Design was our choice of diaper bags. We are able to fit everything we need for both babies, diapers, clothes, toys, etc and still have space for our wallets and keys.

7. Car Storage Caddy

I can't tell you how many times having extra clothes, burp cloths, diapers and wipes in the car has helped us out, especially with our daughter who somehow has a blowout every time she gets in her carseat.

6. Chicco NextFit Zip Car Seats

These car seats are the best for cleaning! You literally just unzip the cover to remove and wash. We also practice extended rear facing, and the NextFit allows rear facing until 40 pounds!

5. Owlet Sock

This was not something I used with my son, and I would constantly wake up to check on him when he was sleeping. Although I do still check on her a lot when she's asleep, I don't have nearly as much anxiety as I did with my son about it.

4. The Wonder Weeks App

This app has been spot on with both of our babies. Usually their "leaps" will come with fussiness and big emotions. All you do is put in your babies due date and it'll tell you when big things are happening in their brain, they'll usually start learning new things that week also.

3. Amazon Fire Tablet

Judge us if you want, but this is a lifesaver on car rides with our son, if it wasn't for a tablet we would have two screaming babies on car rides and that's no fun. This also usually goes on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

2. Pack-and-Play We didn't really use this until we brought our daughter home, but sometimes we just need somewhere to keep our son from getting into everything, rather it's to nurse or cook dinner, it comes in handy all the time.

1. Touch-to-Turn on lamp

This has been a favorite with both kids, it's great for those night feedings so you don't wake everyone up with the big light or with the pulling of a string that normal lamps have.

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